Start Your Story

Since this is my first official blog post, I am going to begin by saying, “Hi.”

If we know each other outside of the world of blogging, you probably know that for the past five years I have been training to become a high school English teacher. Well, that path took a very hard turn left recently – or right depending on what side of the street you’re facing.

For most of my college career, I focused on wanting to be a teacher. Yet, by my senior year and a smidgeon of my junior year that’s all it was – a blind focus to want to be a teacher and to finish what I started.

I’ve been told by many a dear friend and family member that they could completely see me as a teacher. My demeanor. My love for learning. My way with kids. It is all indicative of a teacher, and I will always be very grateful for their support.

Teaching is a great and rewarding profession where the lucky ones make a difference and relish in the joy of seeing that “aha” moment in the faces of their students. It is such a lovely image.

Then came the bend in the road.

I love writing.

I love the story and the mystery and the vulnerability you feel when someone is reading your words for the first time.

I love the head-bent frustration you feel when you are hunting for that one word you need to brush against Truth.

Writing makes me feel alive, and, as impractical as it sounds, it is all I want to do.

Perhaps one day I’ll return to the teaching world. For right now in my nearly 25 year-old state, I have to know what writing can do. I want to explore every book, every website, every magazine that talks about becoming a better Writer for God, for myself and for anyone who chooses to listen.

If it weren’t for my love of writing, I’d probably either be completing a Credential/Masters Program or starting one this summer, 2013. But as God would have it, I am writing a blog, which has no decided end point and makes little financial sense to start. I’m also attending a writer’s conference in the fall, I’m entering writing contests, starting a copy editing program, and I get to talk about stories all day long.

It all sounds pretty selfish and a trifle irresponsible, but I’m Writing and I feel alive.

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